Configuring Google Chrome

To access the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface from the Google Chrome Web browser, configure the browser with these settings:
  1. In the Chrome address bar, enter: chrome://settings/
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Under Privacy and security, click Content settings.
    1. Under Cookies, make sure Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) is turned on.
    2. Under JavaScript, make sure Allowed (recommended) is turned on.
    3. Click the back button.
  4. If you want to use the viewer component of RICOH ProcessDirector, you must verify that Chrome is configured to open PDF files in its built-in PDF viewer:
    1. In the Chrome address bar, enter: chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments
    2. Make sure the Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome is in the off position.
      Some actions (such as highlighting search text or using small or large zoom values) do not function properly when you use the built-in viewer with RICOH ProcessDirector.
  5. Close the settings tab.
  6. Restart the browser to apply the changes.