Defining the JVM memory pool allocation

Depending on the size of your production files, processing a workflow can involve several memory-intensive operations. If you do not allocate enough memory to these processes in RICOH ProcessDirector, you might encounter processing errors or slow processing.
You can configure the Java Virtual Machine memory pool allocation by editing the /aiw/aiw1/config/jvmsettings.cfg (UNIX-based operating systems) or C:\aiw\aiw1\config\jvmsettings.cfg (Windows) file. If you change the settings in this configuration file, you need to reset the system using the stopaiw and startaiw commands for the change to take effect.

The primary setting defines the maximum amount of memory allocated to a Java Virtual Machine process. You can change that setting to match your memory usage needs. The default is 2 GB, and you want to allocate at least 6 GB. In the jvmsettings.cfg file you change:



  • You change the RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat JVM memory allocation by clicking Ricoh Preferences from the Adobe Acrobat menu bar.