Document property values are not current

If you view database property values in the user interface and they are not current, their values might not have been updated in the database using the values in the document properties file.

The user interface displays the values of document properties according to their current value in the database. If a step, such as SortDocuments, has processed a document but the updated value in the document properties file has not yet been written to the database (an UpdateDocumentsInDatabase step has not occurred), the user interface still shows the previous value.

If your workflow includes a step that updates values in the document properties file, make sure you follow it with a step that writes those updated values to the database.

If your workflow includes the SetDocPropsFromList step, the step might not be updating the property values correctly. Compare the contents of the list files processed by the step with the settings on the step for the Document property to set, Value for matching documents, and Value for other documents properties to be sure they are the correct values.