Inserter Controllers portlet

The Inserter Controllers portlet list shows information about the inserter controllers that you created.

You can do actions on the inserter controllers such as: enabling, disabling, and viewing and exporting the log. You can also view the properties of the inserter controllers.

The Inserter Controllers portlet

To do an action, select the check box next to an inserter controller and use the buttons at the top of the portlet. As an alternative, you can right-click the row and select an action from the list.

The star icon indicates whether the inserter controller is one of your favorite inserter controllers. If you see a blue star, the inserter controller is a favorite inserter controller; if it is gray, it is not a favorite. To see all inserter controllers or only your favorite inserter controllers, click the star in the header row of the table.

The inserter controllers and their properties are displayed differently, depending on whether the portlet is open in the List View or the Graphic View. To switch between the List View and the Graphic View, set the Device portlets on Main property in the Preferences dialog or the user property notebook.

The Inserter controller name column uses icons to represent whether the inserter controller is enabled. To open the property notebook for the device, click the inserter controller name.

The arrow to the left of the icon shows whether the inserter controller is enabled or disabled; inserter controllers can process jobs only when they are enabled. To change the device status, click the arrow.

A yellow bar next to the check box indicates that the inserter controller is not enabled.

To manage the columns that are displayed in the table, click the Gear menu button at the top right of the portlet and select Manage Columns. You can also right-click anywhere in the Inserter Controllers table header row and select Manage Columns. By default, these columns are displayed in the portlet:

  • Inserter controller name

    Shows the name of the inserter controller.

  • Active jobs

    Shows the number of active jobs currently assigned to the inserter controller.

  • Location

    The location, if any, that the inserter controller is associated with.

  • Enabled status

    Shows whether the inserter controller is enabled.

  • Completion method

    Shows the method the system uses to determine that the inserter controller has finished inserting a job.

Changing the column settings in the Graphic View also changes them in the List View.

Only inserter controllers that are associated with locations in the Locations to show property on your preferences appear in the Inserter Controllers table.

You can filter the list by typing any string in the filter field Funnel icon at the top of the Inserter Controllers portlet. Inserter controllers that contain the string in any property that is included in a column in the table are displayed.

To export entries in the Inserter Controllers table into a single Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file, click the Gear menu button and select Export Table to CSV.

The exported list only contains entries for inserter controllers that match all the filters that are set. For example, you type Gunther in the filter field Funnel icon. The list in the CSV file contains only the entries for inserter controllers with the word Gunther in their names. The entries are sorted by inserter controller name.

To add new insterter controllers, administrators can click the Gear menu button at the top right of the portlet.