Job requires a long time to stop printing

If you use the Stop action on a job that is printing but it takes a long time for the job to stop printing, you might need to change some settings on the printer console.
RICOH ProcessDirector uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to send the Stop request to the printer. However, if the printer is not set up to permit SNMP communication, or if it does not support a fast Stop request, RICOH ProcessDirector uses a slower method to transmit the Stop request. To speed up the response of these printers to a Stop action:
  • InfoPrint 2000 for AFP
  • InfoPrint 3000
  • InfoPrint 4000
  • InfoPrint 4100
  • InfoPrint 5000
  • InfoPrint Pro C900AFP
use the printer console to enable the SNMP agent and to allow SNMP to configure the printer.