Related publications and information centers

RICOH ProcessDirector uses a variety of technologies. Advanced users can review publications and information centers that are specific to those technologies. Publications listed here do not represent the entire library of publications for a given product.

In addition to this information center, you might find these publications useful:

  • RICOH ProcessDirector: Integrating with Other Applications, S550-1069
  • RICOH ProcessDirector for Windows: Planning and Installing, G550-1365
  • InfoPrint Manager: PSF and Server Messages, and Transform Messages , G550-1053
  • Advanced Function Presentation: Programming Guide and Line Data Reference, S544-3884
  • AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility User's Guide, G550-1342
  • Data Stream & Object Architectures: MO:DCA Reference, SC31-6802
  • Print Services Facility for z/OS: AFP Download Plus, S550-0433
  • Print Services Facility for z/OS: Customization, S550-0427
  • Print Services Facility for z/OS: Download for z/OS, S550-0429
  • Print Services Facility for z/OS: User's Guide, S550-0435

You can download these publications from the RICOH Software Information Center (