Viewing the status of a job

You can use the Jobs table to see the current status of a job and the workflow associated with it.
As jobs flow through the RICOH ProcessDirector system, they move from step to step and processing phase to processing phase. Overall job status is a combination of several pieces of information about the job as it progresses through the system. For example, a job might be in the Retained state in the Complete phase, or it might be in the Error state in the Prepare phase.
  • No print status information is available about jobs that have been sent to Passthrough printers. These jobs remain in the Assigned state in the PrintJobs step until the printer command returns a return code. If the return code is valid, RICOH ProcessDirector moves the job to the Complete state in the PrintJobs step; otherwise, to the Error state.

To view the status of a job:

  1. In the Jobs table, select the job that you want to work with.
  2. To see the status of the job, look for the Phase or State columns.
  3. To see a graphical view of the workflow associated with the job, including the steps that have processed the job and the current step, select the job and click View job in workflow.
    The current step in the workflow is highlighted with a blue ring. If the job is in the Error state, the ring is red. Solid connector lines show the path that the job has followed through the workflow. Dotted connector lines show the path that the job is predicted to follow through the remaining steps of the workflow.
    • If the workflow was edited while the job was being processed, the workflow viewer might not show the correct steps. The job log shows the steps that processed the job.
    • If you have the Deadline Tracker feature installed and have set estimated durations for at least one step in the workflow for the job, you can see the percent of the estimated processing time that has elapsed by hovering over the blue bar on the bottom of the window.

    To view different parts of the workflow:

    1. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel or the Ctrl + and Ctrl - keys.
    2. To reposition the workflow in the window, click the Map (Image of Map button) icon. In the map, a rectangle shows what part of the workflow is currently displayed. Hover over the map, then click and drag the rectangle to show different parts of the workflow. Click and drag the top of the map to move it to a different location on the screen.
      You can also click and drag the circle in the lower right corner of the rectangle to zoom in and out.
    3. When you are finished, close the workflow window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
  4. To see additional information about the status of the job, right-click it and select Properties.
  5. To display all the status information, click the Status tab on the left side of the notebook. To see information about any of the properties, click the Image of a button with a question mark on it icon next to the property name.