Viewing the JDF job ticket

Some values in the JDF job ticket are not shown in the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface, but the workflow might call an application that uses these values. Therefore, you might need to view the JDF job ticket.

To view the JDF job ticket:

  1. Find the JDF job ticket in the spool file directory for the job.
    The spool file directory name is C:\aiw\aiw1\spool\default\JobNumber . The name of the JDF job ticket is JobNumber.filename.jdf.

    If the JDF job ticket has been modified by an overrides file or an application, you might find more than one JDF job ticket with different file names. The date of the last change tells you which JDF job ticket is most recent.

  2. Use a text editor or a Web browser to view the JDF job ticket.
    The JDF job ticket is in XML format.
    Note: RICOH ProcessDirector does not keep the user interface and the JDF job ticket synchronized at all times; it only updates values in the job ticket when it receives a request for the job ticket. When you look at the job ticket, some values listed might not match the values of RICOH ProcessDirector job properties.