Transforming line data to AFP

RICOH ProcessDirector includes a transform that you can use to convert line data into an Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format.

You can run the transform to complete a variety of tasks, including:

  • Convert line data and mixed mode data into the AFP data stream, a device-independent data stream that you can use to exchange documents between different platforms.
  • Index a document to enhance your ability to view, archive, or retrieve individual pages or groups of pages from large documents.
  • Retrieve and package the AFP resources needed to print or view a document and place them in a separate file. This lets you print and view an exact version of a document at any time.

The transform uses a page definition when it composes the data. Page definitions specify various characteristics of the page, including:

  • The printable area of the page
  • The maximum number of lines that can print on a page
  • The beginning print position on the page
  • The printing direction: across, up, or down the page
  • The page presentation: portrait or landscape
  • The fonts used to print each line of the page

You can use one of the page definitions that RICOH ProcessDirector provides or you can provide your own.