Starting and stopping printers

You can start or stop a RICOH ProcessDirector printer. Starting a printer lets users send jobs to it. You can stop printing during or after the current job.
  • You can only start and stop AFP and PCLOut printers.
  • You can stop a job that is printing on a PCLOut printer if you request the stop action while PSF is transforming the job to PCL.

To start or stop a printer:

  1. In the Printers portlet, right-click the printer that you want to start or stop and select Start or Stop.
  2. Specify when you want the AFP printer to stop printing:
    • Immediately stops the printer as soon as possible.
    • After the current copy prints stops the printer after it finishes printing the current copy of a multi-copy job.
    • After all copies of the current job print stops the printer when the current job is finished.
  3. Optional: To advance the paper so that the last page of printed output is stacked after the printer is stopped, select After stopping, perform a non-process runout (NPRO) operation.
  4. If you see a confirmation message, click OK.

After stopping a printer:

  • The printer status changes to Stopped and the printer icon in the Printers portlet turns red. No jobs print on that printer until it is started again. The printer is still enabled, so RICOH ProcessDirector can still schedule jobs to it.
  • Jobs that were assigned to the printer that has been stopped remain in the Assigned state.