Use this workflow to produce PDF output from RICOH ProcessDirector. For example, you can use it to copy PDF files into a hot folder that is associated with your printer.
The workflow sets values for job properties by using values set in each step in the workflow.
  • This workflow does not use the PrintJobs step template to send print jobs to a RICOH ProcessDirector printer. As a result, you cannot use the Jump to and Print again actions with these jobs.
  • The TransformJobIntoPDF step checks the data stream of the print job to see if it is already PDF:
    • If it is PDF, the step passes the job to the next step.
    • If it is not PDF, the step checks to see if a RICOH ProcessDirector Transform or InfoPrint Transform Manager can convert that data stream to PDF. If it can, the step passes the job to the Transform program.

InfoPrint Transform Manager is a separately orderable product.

Phases and steps

The illustration shows the steps in each phase of the sample workflow.