Instructing new users about logging in to RICOH ProcessDirector

After you set up user names and groups (or set up authentication using LDAP), tell your users how to log in to the RICOH ProcessDirector system.

Give each user this information about the installation:

Web browser configuration
Users can access the login page from a workstation using a Web browser. Before they access the login page, users and administrators must customize certain settings for their Web browsers, such as the setting for cookies and active scripting.
User name
Tell users the user names and temporary passwords that you created for them. Users must change their passwords the first time they use the system.
Note: If you set up authentication using LDAP, tell users to log in using their LDAP user ID and password.
URL for the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface
The URL that all users use to access the RICOH ProcessDirector interface is: http://[hostname]:15080/pd. The name of the computer where the RICOH ProcessDirector base product is installed is hostname.
Login authority
Users are authorized to do actions based on the group that you assign them to. Tell users what types of actions they can do in the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface.
Note: Make sure that you tell your users about this information center and how they can access it. The URL for the information center is available on the help menu. You can save a link and open the information center from anywhere in your network, even if you are not currently logged in to RICOH ProcessDirector.