New in this release

These new functions and updates have been included in RICOH ProcessDirector Version 3.11.1.

New functions and updates in Version 3.11.1

  • Updated translations

    The content of the Version 3.11 product interface and the help system has been translated into these languages:

    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Spanish

    To see the translated user interface and help content, download and install the Language Pack for your language.

  • Choose paper for banner pages using media settings

    If you're printing PDF jobs, you can now specify which paper to print banner pages on by media, instead of by specifying a paper tray. Your banner pages print on the correct paper, regardless of where that paper is loaded. This function is available for Ricoh PDF, Kodak PDF, and Xerox PDF printers.

  • User interface updates

    The user interface has been enhanced to adjust the size of your portlets to fit inside your browser window. When you change the size of the window (by changing the dimensions of the browser or by moving it to a different screen), the portlets shrink or expand to fill the space available.

  • Data capture improvements

    With this update, you can download a data capture file to your system directly from the data capture page, so you don't have to access the primary server to retrieve the file. You can also stop a capture that is already in progress.

New functions and updates in Version 3.11

  • Ability to restore to a previous installation of RICOH ProcessDirector

    With this version of RICOH ProcessDirector, you can restore a previous installation using Feature Manager. With this new function, you install a new feature and then effectively back it out if you decide that it does not meet your needs. Or, if you apply an update but something goes wrong during the install process, you can restore the installation from before the update to get back to a stable state before you try to update again.

  • New data collector to collect information about processing durations

    Now, you can use the Job Step Duration data collector to collect information about how long each step was in the queued and processing states, as well as the total length of time it takes for each step in a workflow to complete processing. You can also select job properties to capture at the end of each step.

  • Operating system support changes

    In this release, we have removed support for installing RICOH ProcessDirector on Windows Server 2016.

  • Include the Preset name in AFP print jobs

    If you send AFP print jobs to a printer that uses TotalFlow Print Server, you can now include the name of the printer preset to use for the job as a job property.

  • Security vulnerabilities addressed

    Ricoh is committed to responding to results of vulnerability scans and will continue to include those fixes in each release that we deliver. In this release, various components were updated to address these vulnerabilities, including:

    • AFP Support
    • Avanti Slingshot Connect
    • Reports
    • Printer Connector
    • Ricoh PDF Printer
    • DB2
    • Product Update