Sending job status information to Avanti Slingshot

To send job status information between Avanti Slingshot and RICOH ProcessDirector, you must define the URL of the Avanti Slingshot system to RICOH ProcessDirector.
  • For a typical implementation of Slingshot, you do these steps to exchange information with RICOH ProcessDirector. Your implementation of Slingshot can have steps that differ from these steps.
  1. Log in to the Avanti Slingshot Client.
  2. Navigate to System SetupGeneral and double-click JDF type.
  3. Select the Connection Options tab.
  4. In the JMF HTTP URL field, specify the URL for the RICOH ProcessDirector server: http://yourserver:15080/aiwservices/v1/jmf
    Replace yourserver with the IP address or hostname of your RICOH ProcessDirector server.
  5. Copy the URL from the JMF Return HTTP URL field to the clipboard. The JMF Return HTTP URL looks similar to http://AvantiServer:8081/servoy-service/rest_ws/avanti_jdf/jmf_inbound_processing/params?Username=UserName&Password=password
  6. Log in to RICOH ProcessDirector.
  7. Navigate to AdministrationSettingsAvanti Slingshot
  8. Paste the URL from the JMF Return HTTP URL field into the Avanti URL field and click OK.
    • If you change the Avanti Slingshot client password, you must update the JMF Return HTTP URL with the new password and copy the JMF Return HTTP URL into the Avanti URL field in RICOH ProcessDirector. For example, if you updated your password to MyPassword, and your current URL is http://AvantiServer:8081/servoy-service/rest_ws/avanti_jdf/jmf_inbound_processing/params?Username=UserName&Password=password, change Password=password at the end of the URL to Password=MyPassword.