Cut Sheet support for Kodak feature

The Cut Sheet support for Kodak feature provides support for the Kodak Digimaster printer.

Kodak PDF printer devices represent printers that can print PDF or Postscript files. They print jobs in PDF or Postscript format, including jobs that have been converted to PDF or Postscript format. You cannot use some of the RICOH ProcessDirector actions (such as Jump to and Stop) with jobs that have been submitted to Kodak PDF printers. Kodak PDF printers support job and page-exception media, multiple copies, and punch and staple finishing options.

The Cut Sheet support for Kodak feature adds the ability to create Kodak PDF printer devices. This type of printer can accept PostScript or PDF files. If both formats of a file exist in the job's spool directory when the job is scheduled for printing, the file with the most recent time is sent to the printer. If a transform converts a PostScript file to PDF, the PDF format of the file is sent to the Kodak PDF printer.