POSTNET to IMB replacement

Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) can replace both POSTNET and PLANET barcodes, as well as the alphanumeric characters that contain the participant code and keyline information for the USPS Address Change Service (ACS). AFP Editor provides a replace function that deletes POSTNET barcodes and creates IMBs that contain the same routing code as in the replaced POSTNET barcodes (minus the check digit). POSTNET barcodes and IMBs can be text barcodes or BCOCA objects.

The replace function automatically places IMBs in the same position as the POSTNET barcodes they replace. However, you can change the position of the IMBs. For example, if the POSTNET barcode is below the name and address, you can put the IMB above the name and address.

The replace function does not delete any PLANET barcodes or the Address Change Service (ACS) information that typically prints above the name and address. However, you can first use AFP Editor to hide the area that contains the PLANET barcode and any ACS information.

PLANET and POSTNET barcodes shows an address with ACS data, a PLANET barcode, and a POSTNET barcode. POSTNET barcode shows the same address after you create a hidden area to cover the ACS data and the PLANET barcode.

PLANET and POSTNET barcodes

POSTNET and PLANET Code barcodes in an address block

POSTNET barcode

Address block with ACS data and PLANET barcode hidden

POSTNET barcode shows the address with the POSTNET barcode. IMB replacement shows the address after you replace the POSTNET barcode with an IMB.

POSTNET barcode

Address block with POSTNET barcode

IMB replacement

Address block with IMB