PitStop Connect

PitStop Connect lets you integrate preflight operations that use Enfocus PitStop Server 10 or higher into your workflows for PDF print jobs.

This feature adds the RunPitStopOnJob step template to the list of supplied step templates. When configured correctly, the step template submits a PDF print job to PitStop Server along with an action list or PDF profile. RICOH ProcessDirector waits for PitStop Server to process and return the job so it can move to the next step in the workflow.

The action list or PDF profile contains instructions for actions that PitStop Server does when it processes a job. For example, PitStop Server can:

  • Do color conversions
  • Change the fonts used
  • Remove objects from print jobs
  • Detect blank pages
RICOH ProcessDirector provides a sample action list for use with job that are sent to the InfoPrint 5000. This action list optimizes printed output for the InfoPrint 5000 while minimizing waste. You can use the supplied action list or create new ones with PitStop Professional and configure workflows to use the new action lists.

To work with RICOH ProcessDirector on a UNIX-based operating system, PitStop Server 10 or higher must be installed on a computer running Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 that is configured as a RICOH ProcessDirector Application server.

To work with RICOH ProcessDirector for Windows, PitStop Server 10 or higher must be installed on the primary computer.