Repository objects hold job and document data that you want to store so you can retrieve it later. When you retrieve the job or document information, you can view the job, submit it again, or review detailed information about the job or document and its processing history. You can create multiple repositories, each with a unique retention period.

When you create a repository object, you can specify:

  • The retention period for the repository. Objects older than the retention period are deleted by the system.
  • The path to the file system or directory for the repository folder. This file system or directory can reside on the local machine or on a mounted drive anywhere on your network.
  • A repository location. This value can be used to control who can retrieve files from the repository.
The job and document properties to be used in retrieving jobs, documents, and history information from the repository are specified in the StoreInRepository step of the workflow. Job history information is recorded by a history record notification object. You can specify whether the StoreInRepository step saves the history information as well as the job and document data.

RICOH ProcessDirector supplies a sample repository that you can use to experiment with storing and retrieving jobs and documents.