View options

The View options menu lets you select the elements you want to display in a particular view.

This menu is only available in the Book view and the Sheet view.

You can select to turn on and off the page numbers, slip sheets, the origin point, and the animated fold options for the pages in the job.

The Page numbers option displays the number corresponding to the page in the print file over each page on a sheet. These numbers are not printed. They are only visible in the interface.

The Slip sheets option displays all the slip sheets inserted in the job. When the Slip sheets option is not checked, the slip sheets are not displayed and also not included in the count of sheets, but they are printed.

The Origin point represents the start point for Image alignment, Rotation degrees, and Image offset. All the adjustments made to Image alignment, Rotation degrees, and Image offset are based on that point of origin. The Origin point is displayed in the appropriate corner of each sheet.

The Animated fold option displays the pages in Book view as folded whenever the Fold type is set to a specific value, except Gate fold. Each page can be unfolded and folded back by clicking the arrow on the edge of the sheet. The Animated fold option is selected by default.

  • The Animated fold option might be disabled in some cases. To enable Animated fold, remove the Exception Pages, change the Imposition value, or change the Paper to a short edge feed paper without tabs.
  • If folding lines cannot be drawn on all pages in the job, Animated fold cannot be enabled.