Sending Jobs to Printers

You can send jobs to previously defined printers and follow the printing progress.
  • This function is available only with a RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced or Trial subscription and requires a RICOH Cloud Connector installation that includes the RICOH Printer Connector component.
  • Only users with a Job Manager role can access the Printers panel and send jobs to printers.
  • Before sending jobs to a printer, make sure that the printer is connected and enabled.
To send jobs to a printer:
  1. In the Jobs or the Orders table, select the jobs that you want to send to a printer.
    You can send up to 100 jobs at a time.
    Note: To monitor job status accurately for printers that communicate through PostScript or PDF/JDF, the RICOH Printer Connector component only sends 25 jobs to a printer at a time. After the limit is reached, any additional jobs are kept in the RICOH Printer Connector queue until there are available slots on the printer. In RICOH TotalFlow Producer, the job state is Sending to printer name, but the jobs do not appear on the printer yet.
  2. Drag the selected jobs over , the Printers icon, on the right, and then drop them on an available printer.
    Printers panel
The processing status is displayed for each job in the Status column.
  • You can send a job to multiple printers.
  • If the printer is disconnected or cannot be accessed, the jobs cannot be sent and you must repeat the action choosing an available printer.

    Possible reasons why jobs might go into Error state are:

    • The printer was turned off or encountered an error.
    • The internet connection stopped while the jobs were being sent.