Connecting to Hot Folders and Printer Hot Folders

You can submit the jobs received in RICOH TotalFlow Producer to hot folders, printer hot folders, and other directories on your network. You can use TotalFlow Producer hot folders and RICOH Cloud Connector to transfer the files securely.

Before you start these procedures, compile a list of all the directories that TotalFlow Producer will transfer files to. For example, if you already have hot folders that send jobs to impositioning applications or submit jobs to your printers, include them in the list. Be sure to capture this information:

  • The full path to the directory
  • The server that the directory resides on
  • The application, printer, or function that uses the directory

After you create the list, you can determine where to install RICOH Cloud Connector. We recommend:

  • Installing one Cloud Connector to manage all the connections between TotalFlow Producer and your network.
  • Installing Cloud Connector on the same server as the directories that jobs are sent to.
    • If your directories reside on more than one server, choose which server to install Cloud Connector on. Then, make sure that the directories on other servers are shared and accessible from the server where you installed Cloud Connector.