The banner is the black bar at the top of the user interface. It is available from all pages in the interface.

The icons in the banner let you do a variety of tasks:

  • Get assistance starting with RICOH TotalFlow Producer

    Click the Get Started button to open the Welcome to TotalFlow Producer page. The page is displayed for Job Manager users with Trial subscription.

  • Switch to another RICOH TotalFlow Cloud application you have access to.

    Click , the App Switcher icon, and choose which app to open. The application opens in the same tab.

  • Submit ideas to improve our applications.

    Click , the Submit Ideas icon, then click Add a New Idea to describe what we should add. You can also review ideas submitted by other customers. If you like the idea, vote for it. Ideas that are supported by more than one customer are likely to catch our attention and have a better chance of being implemented!

  • View notifications sent by system administrators or by the applications themselves.

    Click , the Notifications icon.

    • You can see some notifications without opening the Notifications list. These notifications appear in a strip above or below the banner or at the bottom of the browser window.

  • View details about your user ID or your company's account.

    Click , the Account icon. Your user ID and account name are at the top of the menu. Select any option to see the associated settings or information.

  • Get assistance using the application.

    Click , the Help icon, and select Help.

  • View the Terms of Use for TotalFlow Cloud applications.

    Click , the Help icon, and select Terms of Use.