Viewing Job Status

You can see the status of the jobs in the Jobs table.
To view the status of a job:
  1. Open the Jobs view.
  2. Look at the information displayed in the Status column.

    A job can be in one of the following states:

    Job processing

    New Job (default job state assigned to all new jobs)

    Scanning for viruses

    File quarantined

    Job Processing

    Job Complete


    Sending to hot folder

    Sending to hot folder name

    Sent to hot folder name

    Sending to printer

    Sending to printer name

    Queued to print on printer name

    Held on printer name

    Processing on printer name

    Printing on printer name

    Printed on printer name

    Paused on printer name

    Suspended on printer name

    Canceled on printer name

    Aborted on printer name


    Pending preflight


    Conversion to PDF

    Converting to PDF

    PDF flattening Flattening PDF

  3. If the default display of the job attributes was modified and you cannot see the status of a job, restore the Status column in the Jobs table:
    1. Click , the Table Settings icon, and select Manage columns....
    2. In the Manage Columns - Jobs dialog, choose one of these methods:
      • To restore the Status column in the Jobs table, select Status.
      • To restore all the default columns in the Jobs table, click Restore defaults.
    3. Click OK.