PDF Editor Page

The PDF Editor lets you make last minute changes in the PDF files before sending them to be printed. You can make various types of annotations: hide text, reorder pages, add notes, highlights, drawings, signatures, and more.

When you open a file in the PDF Editor, it opens in a window with a toolbar across the top. When you select some of the tools, an additional toolbar opens so you can choose options as required, such as text color, line weight, or opacity setting. Selecting an existing annotation also opens its additional toolbar.

The toolbar provides access to view management, content editing, and layout options.

You can change viewing and layout options in PDF Editor using the tools on the left side of the toolbar. With these tools you can:

  • Open a navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

    Click , the thumbnail icon and choose which view to open in the navigation panel: Thumbnails, Outline, or Bookmarks. To close the panel, click the highlighted option again.

  • Page through the job.

    Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the job. To show a specific page, type the page number in the field between the arrows and press Enter.

  • Configure how the job is displayed.

    Click the gear icon and choose:

    • Whether to show one or two pages at a time.
    • Whether to scroll smoothly through the pages or jump from one page to the next.
    • How to rotate the pages.

  • Navigate through the pages by dragging them up and down.

    Click , the pan mode icon, then pick and drag the PDF pages up or down.

  • Select multiple annotations to group, delete, or move in a different place.

    Click , the Select Multiple Annotations icon, then click and draw a rectangle with your mouse around the annotations you want to select.

  • Zoom in, zoom out or expand the page size to fit the width of the PDF Editor window.

    Click , the zoom in icon, , the zoom out icon, or , the fit page icon to adjust the size of the displayed content.

For content editing, use the tools on the right side of the toolbar: With these tools you can:

  • Insert or erase drawings or highlights.

    Click the arrow next to , the drawing icon, then select drawing, text highlighter, freeform highlight, or eraser.

  • Hide text or areas from the PDF content.

    Click the arrow next to , the redaction icon and select Text Redaction or Area Redaction.

  • Insert signature.

    Click , the signature icon, then select from the options on the Add Signature window.

  • Insert images, stamps or links.

    Click the arrow next to , the Image icon, then select the type of item that you want to insert.

  • Insert notes.

    Click , the Note icon, then select the color and shape options from the additional toolbar that opens below the main toolbar.

  • Insert shapes.

    Click the arrow next to the insert shapes icon, then select the type of shape that you want to insert.

  • Download and print the document locally.

    Click , the Save icon, then choose whether to save the file locally or send it to a printer connected to your computer.

  • Manage the document pages.

    Click , the Document Editor icon, then select the options from the Document Editor menu:

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