Creating Custom Statuses

RICOH TotalFlow Producer provides a wide range of statuses that it assigns to jobs and orders as they move through the system. However, your process might require a unique status that does not currently exist. You can define a custom status for all users in your company to use.

  • Only users with Job Manager access in TotalFlow Producer can add custom statuses.

To create a custom status:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Producer.
  2. Right-click a job or order and select Change state to, then Job status settings... or Order status settings....
  3. Click Create Custom Status.
  4. Fill in values for each item:
    1. For Internal production status, enter the name of your custom status.
    2. Click the colored circle next to Internal production status to choose a color for this status. Click OK to set the color.
    3. For Status to display to customer, choose an existing status from the list or type a custom message to display.
    4. Under Display status for the following, choose whether this status is available for orders, jobs, or both.
    5. Under Description, type a description for this status, so users know what this status is used for.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Close in the Customize Status Settings dialog.
Now, when users want to change a job or order status manually, they can see the custom status in the right-click menu when they choose Change state to.