Modifying Job Information

Depending on your user role, you can modify the job properties and special instructions in the Edit order or the Edit job dialog.
To modify job information:
  1. On the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page, right-click the job and select Properties....

    If you have a RICOH TotalFlow Producer Base subscription, the Edit job dialog opens.

    If you have an Advanced or Trial subscription, the Edit order dialog opens and the job is already selected.

  2. Change the Due Date setting, if necessary.
  3. Update the job properties:
    • Special Instructions: Update the instructions for the job.
    • Copies: Click , the plus icon, or , the minus icon, to increase or decrease the number of copies, or enter a number of copies inside the field.
    • Double sided: Select or clear this option to specify whether the job prints on both sides of the page or only on one side of the page.
    • Staple: Select a stapling option for the printed document.
    • Hole punch: Select a punch option for the printed document.
    • Color / Black & White: Select a color option.
    • In the Edit order dialog, you can see the original settings specified during job submission in the Original Customer Order: section.
    • From the Edit order dialog, you can also open the Job Properties Editor to edit PDF jobs. Click the EDIT button under the job thumbnail.

      The Job Properties Editor lets you specify various settings for PDF jobs, including layout, paper, finishing, and fifth station settings. You can also configure covers, slip sheets, and exception pages.

  4. Click OK.