Setting Default Measurement Units for RICOH TotalFlow Producer

RICOH Account Administration lets you choose the default units of length that are used in RICOH TotalFlow Producer to determine the page size for all the jobs your users submit.
To set the default measurement units for RICOH TotalFlow Producer:
  1. Sign in to RICOH Account Administration.
  2. Click Details on the left panel.
  3. Click Edit details.
  4. Scroll down to TotalFlow Producer Settings.
  5. Under Default units of measurement, click the arrow, then select one of the options. Click , the property help button, for information about the options.
    • RICOH TotalFlow Producer determines the size of the first page of each PDF job and uses it to display the Paper size in the Jobs table.
    • RICOH TotalFlow Producer recognizes standard paper sizes, using a tolerance of 5 points. If the size of the first page is close to a standard paper size, RICOH TotalFlow Producer displays the standard paper name. Otherwise, it displays the actual size of the first PDF page, in inches or in millimeters, depending on the units of lengths that you chose.
  6. Click Ok.