Connectors Tab

When you create a hot folder, you must associate it with a connector. When you register a connector, it is listed in RICOH Account Administration and you can see it on Connectors tab.

Here are the actions that you can do on this tab:

  • View all the registered connectors and their properties, such as: Status, Version, Platform, or when they were last used.
  • Download the latest RICOH Cloud Connector version for your operating system.

    Click the Download and select the operating system.

  • Generate a one-time code to register a cloud connector.

    Click Generate code.

  • Edit, delete, or view the connections associated with a connector.

    Right-click a connector's table row and select an option from the menu.

    • To edit a connector, the server that the connector is defined on must be running and you must have a working network connection with it.
    • When you delete a connector the associated hot folders are disconnected and associated subscriptions might be affected.

Clicking , the tools icon, opens a menu from which you can refresh the information in the table, manage the columns, or export the table as a .csv file.