RICOH TotalFlow Producer Home Page

The main RICOH TotalFlow Producer page shows a table that can display all the jobs and orders in the system and an applications bar that you can use to send jobs to hot folders, printers, or other applications.

Here are some actions that you can do on the main page:

  • Get the job submission email address.

    Customer users with an activated email job submission option can submit jobs by email. To get your customized email address for email job submission, click the email icon, the Get Job Submission Email Address icon.

  • With RICOH TotalFlow Producer Base subscription, you can view and manage jobs. Click Submit Job to submit a new job.
  • With RICOH TotalFlow Producer Trial and Advanced subscriptions you can view and manage jobs and orders. Click Submit Order to submit a new order.
    Note: If you have Base subscription, the Submit Job button is available. If you have Trial or Advanced, the Submit Order button is available.

You can also manage the display of the items in the Jobs and Orders tables. Here are some actions that you can do on the tables:

  • View all submitted jobs and orders

    Click the down arrow beside the table title to switch between Jobs view and Orders view.

  • Sort the table using a specific property

    Click a column name to sort on that column. Click the arrow to reverse the order of the entries.

  • Filter the contents of the table

    Click and type a meaningful part of the job or order name or other properties. The items that contain the characters you typed are displayed at the top of the table.

  • Change the grouping of jobs and orders

    Click , the down arrow beside the table title, to open the Group By menu and select one of the grouping methods.

  • Choose the properties to display in columns and arrange them in your preferred order

    Click , the tools icon, to open the Manage Columns dialog, where you can select what properties to display.

  • View and modify job information and manage the jobs

    Right-click selected jobs to open the actions menu.