Viewing Printer Logs

You can view the logs for printers configured in RICOH TotalFlow Producer. Printer logs are stored for 30 days.
Note: Only users with a Job Manager role can access the Printers panel and view printer logs.
To view printer logs:
  1. Click , the Printers icon, on the right.
    The Printers panel opens.Printers panel
  2. Right-click a printer in the list and select Printer log... from the menu.
    You see the Printer log dialog.Printer log dialog
  3. To search the log, enter the text that you want to find in the search box at the top of the dialog.
  4. To filter the log entries based on the event type, select a value from the Type list.
    You can narrow the list of messages to those that are related to specific events, such as printer connectivity, printer status changes, or job status changes.
  5. To show only log entries that occurred within a specific time range, select Custom under Range and specify the number of hours or days under Issued within.
    For example:
    • To see messages from the last hour, set the time interval to 1 hours.
    • To see messages from the current shift, set the time interval to 8 hours.
    • To see messages from the last 2 weeks, set the time interval to 14 days.

    You can display messages from up to 30 days in the past.

    Note: The value for Issued within must be a whole number. To see messages from the last 90 minutes, you must set the time interval to 2 hours.
  6. To download the log as a CSV file, click , the Settings icon, and select Export Table to CSV.
    The procedure for saving the file depends on the web browser settings.