Enabling or Disabling Office Conversion

Office Conversion is a BETA feature that converts Microsoft Office files to PDF before further processing, either automatically or on demand.
Office Conversion is an additional feature included in RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced Subscription. It converts Microsoft Office files to PDF automatically, but administrators can disable or enable it in RICOH Account Administration.
To enable or disable Office Conversion in Account Administration:
  1. Sign in to RICOH Account Administration.
  2. To open your account details page, click Details.
  3. Click , the settings icon, then Edit.
  4. Scroll down to TotalFlow Producer Settings.
  5. Enable or disable the Automatically convert Microsoft Office files to PDF option.
  6. Click Ok.
This setting automatically applies to all the jobs submitted in RICOH TotalFlow Producer by any user belonging to your account.
  • Files in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats can be converted to PDF.
  • If Office Conversion is disabled, job managers can manually convert individual Office files to PDF on RICOH TotalFlow ProducerJobs page.