Additional Applications

Based on the subscription types, you can use the additional applications that are displayed on the icons bar at the right end of the main page.

The additional applications are:

  • Preflight Add-on - allows you to apply additional preflight checks on the PDF files after submission, to verify that your files are compatible with PDF/X standards and to convert your PDFs into valid PDF/X files.

    To use Preflight Add-on, you need to have a Premium Preflight subscription. Also, to be able to use custom preflight profiles, you need access to PitStop Preflight Profiles library.

  • Hot Folders - allows you to move submitted jobs to previously created network hot folders. To use Hot Folders, you must have the Job Manager role in RICOH TotalFlow Producer.

    You can create hot folders in Account Administration. The folders must be on a workstation in the same local area network as the Cloud Connector associated with RICOH TotalFlow Producer and the account.

  • Printers - allows you to submit jobs to hot folders that were previously created on printers and to send jobs directly to a printer or digital front end. To use Printers, you must have the Job Manager role in RICOH TotalFlow Producer.
    Note: Not all printers support submission using hot folders.

To display the hot folders name and status, click , the Hot Folders icon, or , the Printers icon. The status can be

  • Connected - when RICOH Cloud Connector is installed and running and registered on your account.
  • Disconnected - when RICOH Cloud Connector was stopped or uninstalled.
  • Cannot access - when the hot folder location was deleted or the folder is password protected and the credentials expired. If you create a new hot folder at the same location and with the same name, or renew the folder access credentials the status changes to Connected.