Connecting to Printers

With a RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced or Trial subscription, you can submit jobs directly to printers running in your local network and follow the printing progress. To communicate with the printers, you must install RICOH Cloud Connector along with the RICOH Printer Connector component. The RICOH Printer Connector component is only included in the Windows version of RICOH Cloud Connector.

Before you start these procedures, compile a list of all the printers that RICOH TotalFlow Producer will submit jobs to. Be sure to capture this information:

  • All the settings required to connect to the printer, including the IP address, the printer language, and any required port settings and authentication credentials.
  • The configured SNMP settings for printers that use the PostScript or PDF/JDF printer language.

After you create the list, you can determine where to install RICOH Cloud Connector. We recommend installing one RICOH Cloud Connector instance to manage all the connections between RICOH TotalFlow Producer and your network.