Deleting Preflight Profiles

You can delete the preflight profiles that you no longer need.
To delete profiles, you must have a Preflight or Preflight Premium add-on subscription.
To delete a preflight profile:
  1. On the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page, click , the Preflight icon, on the right.
    The Preflight panel opens.Preflight panel
  2. Click , the Default preflight settings button.
    The Default preflight settings dialog opens.Default preflight settings dialog
  3. Under PROFILE, click the down arrow to expand the list of available profiles.
    Note: You can also filter the list of profiles by typing any part of a profile name directly in the selection box.
  4. Hover over the profile that you want to delete and click , the Delete button.
    You cannot delete profiles that are currently used for automatic processing.
  5. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.
    Deleted profiles are permanently removed from the system and can no longer be used for automatic or manual processing.
You can also delete profiles directly from the Preflight panel. Click , the Preflight icon, then expand the PROFILE list, hover over the profile that you want to delete, and click , the Delete button.