Editing Orders

You can edit orders from the Orders table or any other view that displays orders.
On the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page:
  1. Switch to an Orders view.
  2. Right-click the order that you want to edit and select Order properties... from the menu.
    You see the Edit order dialog.
  3. Change the Due Date setting, if necessary.
  4. Update the content in the Order Instructions field.
  5. To add jobs to the order, click Add Jobs.
  6. To remove a job from the order, right-click the job and select Delete job... from the menu.
  7. To update the properties of a job, select the job and update the available settings:
    • Job Name: Update the name of the job.
    • Special Instructions: Update the instructions for the job.
    Note: You can see the original settings specified during job submission in the Original Customer Order section.
  8. To edit a PDF job in the Job Properties Editor, select the job and click the EDIT button under the job thumbnail.
    The Job Properties Editor lets you specify various settings for PDF jobs, including layout, paper, finishing, and fifth station settings. You can also configure covers, slip sheets, and exception pages.
  9. Click OK.