Modifying PDF Files

With a RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced subscription, you can use the PDF Editor feature, which lets you edit PDF files before sending them to production. Only users with Job Manager access can edit job files.

  • For a video overview of the PDF editing capabilities in RICOH TotalFlow Producer, see: Editing PDF Files

After a job is received in RICOH TotalFlow Producer, you can use the PDF Editor to edit the files by adding signatures or images, adding, deleting or rotating pages, or covering content.

Important: PDF jobs with annotations that were previously edited in the PDF Editor are flattened when they are sent to a hot folder or printer. Images, stamps, shapes, and signatures become part of the document content. Drawings, freeform highlights, text highlights, comments, and notes are removed.

To open the PDF Editor, right-click a PDF job and select View and edit PDF.... The PDF Editor launches and displays the job file.