Orders Table

Orders consist of one or more job files submitted together to be printed by a print shop.

You can create orders from job files that you already received from customers and submit them from the RICOH TotalFlow Producer user interface. Also, your customers can issue orders through email submission or through the RICOH TotalFlow Producer interface. All orders are displayed in the Orders table.

When you first open the application, some sample orders are displayed in the Orders table.

An order has the following properties:

  • Order Name - which is mandatory when you create an order.
  • Order ID - a unique number that TotalFlow Producer assigns to the order.
  • Due Date - the date when the jobs must be printed.
  • Date Submitted - the date when the order was submitted.
  • Order Instructions - any information that the print operator needs to know, such as when it can be picked up, binding instructions, etc.
  • Jobs - the uploaded job files. You can submit an order even if it does not contain any job file yet.
  • Submitted by - the email of the user that submitted the order.
  • Customer - if a customer submitted the order, their Customer Name is displayed here. If an internal user submitted the order, the cell is empty.
  • Status - can be New Order, Order Processing or Order Complete.
  • Assigned to - the employee that is in charge with monitoring the order.

You can do the following actions in the Orders table:

  • Change the properties columns in the Orders table
  • Filter and sort orders by properties
  • Change the orders grouping
  • Edit order properties
  • Submit orders
  • Delete orders
  • View and change the order status
  • View order history
  • Expand order to display the inside jobs
  • View, open or delete jobs from the order