Adding a New Custom Layout

You can create a custom layout for your job.
Note: This section is available only when the printer configuration supports it.
To add a new custom layout:
  1. Click Layout on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the Normal section and select a value greater than 1 from the Pages per sheet list.
  3. Click Add custom layout.
  4. To preserve the same settings for both sides, select the Use same layout for both sides check box.
  5. To select the location of the layout you want to customize, click the page to select it, use the Location list, use the arrows, or simply drag and drop the page on top of another.
  6. To specify the degree to rotate the images placed in this location, click one of the Rotation degrees options.
  7. To reduce or enlarge the images so that they fit the location, select a value from the Reduce/Enlarge list.
  8. To specify the amount to offset the images placed in this location, click Image offset to switch it on and enter a value in the X and Y fields.
Note: If you do not select the Maintain custom order check box, the page order is the same as specified under Layout. The Maintain custom order check box is automatically selected when you change the order of pages.