Viewing Printer Status

The printer status is displayed in the Printers panel.
Note: Only users with a Job Manager role can access the Printers panel and view printer status.
To view printer status:
  1. Click , the Printers icon, on the right.
    The Printers panel opens.Printers panel
  2. Look at the list of printers to see information about their status, the jobs they are currently printing and the printing progress.
    Printers can have one of these states:
    Green Ready The printer is enabled and can receive jobs.
    Blue Printing A job is currently printing on the printer.

    If it is a job that you sent, the name of the job and the printing progress are also displayed.

    Red Error An error occurred on the printer.
    Gray Disabled The printer is disabled and cannot receive jobs.

    Enable the printer to send jobs and receive status information.

    Black Disconnected Cannot connect to RICOH Cloud Connector or RICOH Printer Connector.

    See Disconnected Printers for troubleshooting information.