Adding Customers

Define Customer objects to represent your client companies who submit jobs to you for processing. In a later step, you add users associated with those companies for employees of your client, so they can submit jobs.
To add a customer:
  1. Sign in to RICOH Account Administration.
  2. In the left pane, click Customers.
  3. Click Add Customer.
  4. Under Customer Information, enter the customer company details.
    Click , the property help button, for information about each item.
  5. If you plan to let your customers submit jobs by email, fill in the Email Address for Job Submission section. Use this section to set up a unique email address that this customer uses to submit jobs.
    1. To allow this customer to submit jobs by email, leave the Turn on job submission by email option selected. To disable this option, clear the check box.
    2. Use Custom insert for email to further customize the unique email address for this customer. You can see the updated email address in the Job submission email field.
      Click Help button, the property help button, for information about each item.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Continue with the procedure to add users to this Customer.