Jobs Table

The print files you upload when submitting a job or an order are called Jobs.

Users with Job Submitter role can view only the jobs they submitted. Users with Job Submitter & Viewer can view all the jobs.

The jobs are displayed in the Jobs table on the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page until they are deleted.

When you first open the application, some sample jobs are displayed in the Jobs table.

The Jobs table columns show the following job information by default:

  1. ID - a unique number that TotalFlow Producer assigns to each job and is made up of the order number followed by the number that the file has inside the order.
  2. Status - can be New job, Job Processing or Job Complete.
  3. Job Name - if you do not choose a different name, the name of the PDF file becomes the job name.
  4. The Preflight status - shows if the file passed preflight validation.

    • Preflight status is available with RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced subscription.

  5. Date Submitted - the date when the order was submitted.
  6. Due date - the date when the jobs must be printed.
  7. Customer - if a customer submitted the order, their Customer name is displayed here. If you submitted the order, the cell is empty.
  8. Copies - the number of copies to be printed.
  9. Pages - the number of the job file's pages.
  10. Double sided
  11. Staple
  12. Hole punch
  13. Color / Black & White
  14. Paper size

    You can also choose to display additional job information from the Manage Columns table:

  15. Assigned to - the employee that is in charge with monitoring the job.
  16. Order ID - the ID of the order to which the job belongs.
  17. Order Name - the name of the order to which the job belongs.
  18. Submitted By - displays the submitter's email address.

Based on the access rights of your user account, you can do the following actions in the Jobs table:

  • Manage the properties columns
  • View jobs
  • Edit job properties
  • Open and download job PDF files
  • Edit job PDF files
  • Filter and sort jobs
  • Change the jobs grouping
  • Delete jobs
  • View and change job status
  • Manually convert supported Microsoft Office file types to PDF
  • Manage job file versions
  • Send jobs to applications:

    Select one or multiple jobs and drag them over one of the applications bar icons on the right

    • - Preflight
    • - Hot Folders
    • - Printers
    This opens the application panel. Drop the jobs onto one of the available items.