Manually Converting Microsoft Office Files and Images to PDF

Office Conversion is an additional BETA feature available with RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced and Trial subscriptions. It allows RICOH TotalFlow Producer to convert Microsoft Office files and supported image formats to PDF, either automatically during job submission or on demand. Job managers can also manually convert individual Microsoft Office files or images to PDF.
The manual conversion to PDF is available for these types of job files:
  • Microsoft Office files that were not automatically converted to PDF during job submission because the Automatically convert Microsoft Office files to PDF option was disabled in RICOH Account Administration.
  • Microsoft Office files and images that were restored to the original customer file after the automatic conversion to PDF.
To manually convert Microsoft Office files or images to PDF:
  1. In the Jobs table, select and right-click one or several job files.
    • You can convert up to 100 files at once.
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and supported image formats, such as PNG, JPEG/JPG, and TIFF/TIF, can be converted to PDF.
    • Any fonts used should be embedded in the Microsoft Office document. Otherwise, the font is substituted and the resulting PDF might look different from the original file.
  2. Select Convert to PDF.
The Microsoft Office files or images are converted to PDF and the PDF image thumbnail is displayed in the Job Name column. Also, the name of the user that converted the job is displayed in the version history.

If the conversion fails, the original file type icon is displayed in the Job Name column.