Anyone who works with RICOH TotalFlow Cloud applications must be defined as a User.

When Ricoh initially sets up your account, one Administrator user is created. The administrator receives a welcome email from TotalFlow Cloud, with a link to log in and change their initial password. This administrator is responsible for creating users for the rest of your organization.

Users are assigned roles for each application that you have purchased a subscription for. Roles are based on the user's job responsibilities and vary from application to application. For example, Account Administration has two roles that you can assign to users:

Users who are permitted to view details about your account, create and manage other users, and administer other objects as required.
Users whose job responsibilities include working in your subscribed applications, but not administering users or other objects.

A user might be an Administrator in Account Administration, but a Job Submitter & Viewer in an application like RICOH TotalFlow Producer.

Users are also assigned a role within the TotalFlow Cloud platform. Most users are assigned to the Standard platform role. However, special platform roles are added by different applications.

  • RICOH Supervisor adds the Large display platform role.

    You create a user with the Large display platform role when, for example, you want to show RICOH Supervisor dashboards on a display in your production area to show current status. Someone in your company logs in as the Large display user and maximizes the browser window on the large display. The Large display user has View-only access and can stay logged in for the maximum time allowed.

  • RICOH TotalFlow Producer adds the Customer platform role.

    Users with the Customer platform role represent employees of your customers who submit jobs to TotalFlow Producer.