Inserting Links in a PDF File

With PDF Editor, you can insert links to a Web page or to another page of the same PDF.
To insert a link in a PDF file:
  1. Open the RICOH TotalFlow Producer Jobs table.
  2. Right-click a PDF job and select Edit PDF....
    The PDF Editor opens.
  3. Scroll through the PDF down to the page where you want to insert the link.
  4. Click the arrow next to , the Add Media icon, then select Link.
    A new options bar is displayed below the main toolbar.
  5. Select the desired Border Color, Opacity, and Thickness for the clickable area of the link you are about to create.
  6. Use your mouse to select the clickable area of the link.
    The Link Settings dialog opens:
  7. Select the link settings:
    • To create a website link, click Website, then type the website address.
    • To create a link to a page in the same PDF, click Page, then type the page number.
  8. To apply the settings, click anywhere outside the Link Settings dialog.
  9. To save the changes, click OK.