Hiding Content of a PDF File by Redaction

If you want to conceal content in the documents, you can easily hide text or areas from the PDF before printing.
To hide content of a PDF file by redaction:
  1. Open the RICOH TotalFlow ProducerJobs table.
  2. Right-click the job and select Edit PDF...
    PDF Editor opens.
  3. Scroll through the PDF down to the text that you want to hide.
  4. Click , the Text Redaction icon.
    The Redaction menu bar is displayed.
  5. Apply any of the available options:
    • Fill Color, if you want the redacted text to be filled with a certain color. The default fill color is black.
    • Overlay Text, if you want to apply text over the redacted area. Type the text in the field, then choose the text Color.
    • Outline color
    • Repeat text, if you want the same text to be applied repeatedly over the redacted area.
    • Outline color
    • Opacity
  6. Select the area that you want to hide.
  7. To save the redactions that you defined, click Apply Redactions.
  8. To delete the redactions that you defined, click , then Delete.
  9. Click OK.