Adding a Cover to a Perfect Bound Job

You can add a perfect bound cover that wraps around the entire job.
To add a perfect bound cover:
  1. Click Finishing on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go to Staple/Bind and select Perfect binding to enable the Perfect bound cover section.
  3. Select the input tray to load the paper for the perfect bound cover from the Cover input tray list.
  4. From the TotalFlow Print Server configuration, the next steps are also available to configure the Perfect bound cover.
  5. Select the paper from the Cover paper list.
    Note: To use the paper loaded in one of the perfect binder interposer trays, select the Use default value.
  6. To print on the cover, go to Cover printing side to select which sides of the perfect bound cover to print on. If necessary, set Cover image offset to shift the images printed on the cover.
    Important: To enable the Cover printing side field, change the Cover paper selection or the Pages per sheet value. The last pages in your print file must be correctly formatted in advance with the contents of the entire cover, including the spine.