Viewing Printer Information

In the Printers panel, you can view tray and paper information, ink or toner levels, and printer details for the printers configured for your account.
  • Only users with a Job Manager role can access the Printers panel and view printer information.
  • The printer information available in the Printers panel depends on the data provided by the printers.
To view printer information:
  1. Click , the Printers icon, on the right.
    The Printers panel opens.Printers panel
  2. To display paper tray information, click , the Paper trays icon.

    You can see the paper loaded in the trays and the paper level for each tray:

    Icon Paper level
    under 25%
    under 5%

    A summary of the ink or toner levels is also displayed at the bottom.

  3. To display ink or toner information, click , the Ink levels icon.

    You can see the ink or toner levels for each color. A warning or error icon is displayed when the levels are low:

    Icon Ink or toner level
    under 25%
    under 5%

  4. To display printer details, including the printer icon, IP address or host name, and printer language, click , the Information icon.

    You can click , the Edit button, to modify the printer properties.