Submitting Orders from the User Interface

RICOH TotalFlow Producer lets you submit orders from the user interface main page.
To create a new order:
  1. On the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page, click Submit Order.
    You see the Create order dialog:
  2. Click Create order and type a name for the order.
  3. Change the Due Date if necessary.
  4. Add the instructions in the Order Instructions area.
  5. To add files, click Add Jobs, then select one or more files from your computer.

    Or you can drag and drop the files inside the Jobs area of the dialog panel. If you need to, you can remove and replace the files after the upload.

    • An order cannot contain more than 100 files. We recommend that they do not exceed a total size of 2 GB.
    • You can upload these types of files:
      • PDF
      • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
      • Images and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats can be converted to PDF.
      • Any fonts used should be embedded in the Microsoft Office document. Otherwise, the font is substituted and the resulting PDF may look different from the original file.

  6. To see details about the jobs, click in the row of an uploaded job file. The details appear in the right-bottom panel. Update the settings for each job as needed.
  7. Edit the job name, the content in the Special Instructions section, and the number of Copies as needed. If you uploaded more than one file, click each of them to edit their respective job details.
  8. Click Submit Order.
    You can see the submitted orders in the Orders table on the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page.

    After the jobs are in RICOH TotalFlow Producer, you can send them directly to hot folders or printers. Or, you can view, edit, or preflight the jobs before sending them out for printing.