Sending Jobs to Hot Folders

You can send one or multiple jobs to hot folders previously defined in Account Administration.

Before sending jobs to hot folders, make sure that the target hot folders already exist on a computer that you can access.

To send a job to a hot folder:
  1. In the Jobs table on the RICOH TotalFlow Producer main page, select the jobs that you want to send to a hot folder.
  2. Click , the Hot Folders icon on the applications bar on the right, and drag and drop the selected jobs on an available hot folder.
The transferring status of the job is displayed.
  • You cannot send more than 100 jobs at once.
  • You can send a job to multiple hot folders.
  • If the hot folder you dragged the jobs on is disconnected or cannot be accessed, the jobs cannot be sent and you must repeat the action choosing an available hot folder.

    Possible reasons why jobs might get into Error: state are:

    • the hot folder location is on a computer that has been stopped
    • the internet connection stops while the job is being sent