Connectors are applications stored on your local systems that create a link between cloud applications and software or devices installed on-premises. This connection creates a communication path between the systems. To connect to RICOH TotalFlow Cloud, you install RICOH Cloud Connector on a server in your network.

RICOH Cloud Connector is used in different ways for different applications.

  • RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Windows and for Linux

    Uses Cloud Connector to install and manage subscription licenses.

  • RICOH TotalFlow Producer

    Uses Cloud Connector to transfer jobs to hot folders.

Note: With RICOH TotalFlow Producer Base you can install one Cloud Connector per account. With RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced you can install five Cloud Connector. However, if your network is close and not extremely large, we recommend installing one Cloud Connector. If you have to send jobs to hot folders or printers in parts of your network that are more isolated, installing several Cloud Connector instances is recommended.